Arcanum Nameless XIII Jodorowsky - Camoin

Arcanum Nameless XIII of Jodorowsky – Camoin

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Arcanum Nameless, XIII, by many it is called Death. This nickname unfortunately generated a series of erroneous and very negative interpretations. Actually It indicates a profound transformation. Like any major transformation sometimes requires let go something that was held but no longer useful for their personal growth.

Often these types of actions seen only through the eyes of the mind seem to be privations “bad” when in fact it is seen with the “eyes of consciousness” are the passages of life that allow us to grow.

So the interpretation of Arcanum Nameless be performed with a particular delicacy. Incidentally, the reading of each individual draw is carried out with tact and delicacy, since the counselees tend to open up and communicate aspects “close” and personal.

When hitting this Arcanum during a draw is to see in which position is, however, we must try to understand what transformation may recall, changes that have occurred or which have yet to manifest. As anticipated shows us that, sometimes, you have to give up something or that there is a strong repressed anger it just needs to be vented, possibly constructively.

Most of the time indicates that the transformation has already occurred and it is actually to manifest practically, or this has already happened and we just did not have realized, as often happens!

If the transformation is in motion the Arcane Without Name indicates new projects, new ideas, new circumstances that naturally make us pay a duty. This is done for each important step of life, o no? Any form of melancholy will be resolved soon, patience accompanies, or should accompany the arm, This Arcanum.

And as always, good all in all!

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